Hyperopic astigmatism  is an ophthalmic disease which is characterized by a violation of the lens or cornea form, so that refracted light is formed in two or more points behind the retina. In the normal structure of the optic body rays are refracted at a single point on the retina, but that does not happen at hyperopic astigmatism, what causes vision problems.


In case of astigmatism treatment is not an easy task! This disease causes violation of refraction. The sphericity of the cornea is changed: when rays pass through it, the perceived image is different from what it really is like. Some lines of the subject the person sees may be clear, the other - vague.

  • What is astigmatism and what is it caused by
  • How to diagnose
  • How to stop the pathology
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Acquired or congenital astigmatism in children is quite common. It is important to pay attention to the unusual behavior of the child and see a specialist in time. He will help to prevent progression of the disease, prescribe necessary therapy.